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Malayali Shrek Proposal

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In this video the Malayan dude proposed to his girlfriend, Tina, while dressed in a Shrek costume. He took to one knee on a busy London street and popped the question through memes. She happily agreed to marry him. Fu...

Norwegian Cruise-ship Marriage Proposal

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The bride-to-be is surprised when the MC of her Norwegian cruise-ship calls her to the front of the congregation. Confused, she makes her way through the crowd. To reassure her that he wouldn't be delivering bad news,...

MineCraft Proposal

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With the help of a server's webmaster, a MineCraft gamer proposes in-game to his girlfriend on Valentine's Day.

Surprise Valentine’s Day Proposal on The Ellen Show

1.01K Views0 Comments

Ellen helped a viewer, Wendell, plan the perfect surprise proposal on the show. His girlfriend, Nina, will never forget this romantic Valentine's Day!

Sean’s Serenade and Proposal

863 Views0 Comments

When Sean turned the camera onto Keshia for his Valentine's Day gift presentation, she had no clue what was up. He had given her a mini-golf gift certificate, which was enough for this appreciative young lady, but he ...

Jenny’s Panda Surprise

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This is a video of how one guy decided to propose to his girlfriend Jenny by video-guiding her through a series of gifts handed to her by a "stranger" in a giant panda costume!

The Ring’s Not Supposed to Come Off

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"Holy crow", says this unsuspecting bride-to-be... and this was before she got to her ring. Add this young man to the list of dudes who didn't get the memo about chivalry and knees...

John and Katy’s Packaged Christmas Proposal

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John REALLY made Katy work for her proposal, as she had to rip through enough packaging for a small army of holiday gifts. It's safe to say though that her efforts did not go to waste, as she was more than happy with ...

Surprise HeroClix Christmas Proposal

233 Views0 Comments

This proposal was the culmination of nine months's worth of planning out an idea, but it turned out as well as could have been hoped for... even if the ring was a slightly snug fit. "There WAS a lot of salt in that La...

Cole’s Marriage Proposal Fail

313 Views0 Comments

Whether this video is fake or not is up for debate, but one thing's for sure - it is funny! Cole didn't exactly get the response (or even attention) that he was looking for when proposing to Angie...

Jay’s Proposal to Laura

282 Views0 Comments

Jay drove all the way up from Florida to South Carolina to propose to Laura on Christmas Day in 2011, at her grandparents' house. When he showed up and popped the question, she was completely surprised and delivered a...

Greg’s Grand Canyon Surprise

242 Views0 Comments

Steph got the surprise of her life while posing for a picture at the lookout tower of the Grand Canyon. What she thought would be a picture-taking session with family and boyfriend Greg turned into a surprise marriage...

Joyous Christmas Proposal

305 Views0 Comments

This simple proposal on Christmas in 2010 is nothing to write home about, but the bride-to-be's reaction (and voice) really make up for the lack of entertaining creativity.

Cameron Makes Britney Faint

226 Views0 Comments

On their one-year anniversary, Cameron blindfolded Britney from the time that they left their house until the moment that they arrived at the local skate park. She had no idea what was going because it was a surprise,...

Erica’s Disneyland Surprise Show

1.10K Views0 Comments

When Erica and her boyfriend went to Disneyland on their one-year anniversary, she had absolutely no clue that not only was she going to be proposed to, but also the focus of a park-stopping spectacle.

Audrey’s Meme of a Proposal

233 Views0 Comments

When Audrey's boyfriend finally decided to propose, he did it using the one medium that he found most amusing - memes! Standing outside of the cafe where she was dining with a friend, he popped the question through a ...

Kelli’s Choke-Out Rejection

290 Views0 Comments

This guy just wanted Kelli to love him forever, but I guess you could say that feeling wasn't mutual. A simple no would have sufficed, but I suppose that a choke-out gets the message across a little clearer, right?

Card Trick Proposal

271 Views0 Comments

For a guy who often performs card tricks and close-up magic for friends and family, what better way to propose than with a card trick? When he convinced his girlfriend Michelle that he needed to film a card trick to s...

Gabriel’s Anniversary Gift

326 Views0 Comments

On their one year anniversary, Gabriel decided to completely surprise his girlfriend Erica by proposing to her at one of their favorite restaurants, in front of their closest friends and family. Erica's reaction here ...

This Firefighter Heats Up The Room

347 Views0 Comments

When Sara had her boyfriend come in to teach fire safety measures to her class at Blackburn Elementary, she had no clue that she would need someone to put out the fire in her heart...

Siri… Can You Propose for Me?

432 Views0 Comments

You know that you're living in a technologically advanced world when a man can propose to his girlfriend using Siri, and have people consider it not only creative, but pretty darn touching!

Chris’ Sneak Preview for Laura

448 Views0 Comments

When Laura agreed to see a movie with her friend Terri, she had no clue that Chris was planning on surprising her in the theater with not only a hilarious, thoughtful and creative trailer of their story, but also a ma...

Sesame Street Proposal

177 Views0 Comments

One funny man dressed up as the Sesame Street character Abby Cadabby for his and his girlfriend's daughter's second birthday. His unsuspecting girlfriend had no idea what was coming... as you might notice from her rea...

Jaclyn is Overcome with Emotion

221 Views0 Comments

As you can tell from this video, Jaclyn had no clue what was really going on. She suspected that she was getting a surprise birthday party, as she was picked up at her house in a limo, and her friends had been acting ...

Aquarium Proposal

201 Views0 Comments

This creative proposal took place at the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth, UK. Not content with just getting down on one knee, Dave Stevens took an even bigger plunge, and with the help of staff and divers at the ...

Kate Goes Nuts!

198 Views0 Comments

On Valentine's Day, Kate gets the biggest surprise of her life when Nick, her boyfriend since Junior year of high school gives her an engagement ring after five long years of courtship. One of the greatest proposal re...

Lisa’s Confusing Phone Call

214 Views0 Comments

When Lisa places a call to some anonymous friend of her boyfriend's, she doesn't manage to get anyone on the other end of the phone. Seconds later, the side of a building lights up with a very special message. This gu...

Jared’s Heart-Racing Proposal

205 Views0 Comments

As Lindsay was sitting in her Cardiology class on February 14th, 2012, undoubtedly fantasizing about the Valentine's Day festivities that she had planned for her boyfriend Jared, she could never have imagined what was...

Jim and Zeus Surprise Suzy

180 Views0 Comments

Jim finally surprised Suzy after five years of waiting for the moment, when he popped the big question. To do so, he enlisted the help of her dog Zeus (a cute Yorkie), who appeared with the ring tied around her neck. ...

This Ring Has Wings!

182 Views0 Comments

Short of getting rejected, this has to be the worst marriage proposal that you could watch. Although we didn't officially get a confirmation that the lady says yes, the more important part is what happens to the ring....

Volleyball Mascot Shows Serious Love

287 Views0 Comments

This head volleyball coach has no clue that her boyfriend is about to propose. Brian, the clever man that he is, dresses up as the school's mascot and interrupts her team's volleyball match. He begins by performing hi...

Forceful Rejection in Mumbai Mall

217 Views0 Comments

There's some speculation that this video was staged by the Cadbury Chocolate Company to promote their new bittersweet chocolate ("not so sweet" can be seen on that goofy train that passes right in the middle of this m...

Darrin’s Incredible Family and Friends Video Compilation

601 Views0 Comments

Darrin reached out to every important member of Melissa's life to take part in his incredible proposal video idea. He had each person speak one or two lines of the overall proposal message that he wanted to convey, an...

Ashley Plans Her Own Proposal

203 Views0 Comments

Ashley works in guest services at a hotel. So when she set a room up for "a guest" to propose, little did she know that it was for her boyfriend Matt... to propose to her!

Is He Proposing? Is He Alive?

188 Views0 Comments

One man decided to give his girlfriend a frightening proposal, as he launched himself off the side of a building in order to get his message across. We definitely don't recommend trying this at home, but it does provi...

Tom Cruise Lends a Hand to Joao

191 Views0 Comments

Cameraman Joao Martins enlisted the help of a friend in order to propose to his girlfriend, Sonia. It just so happened that this friend was Tom Cruise! Joao's (Tom's) proposal aired on RTP-TV in Portugal, with Cruise ...

Boy Band Video Proposal

235 Views0 Comments

This guy takes creative wedding proposals to another level with the boy band video he made to pop the question. Whether or not the other level he takes it to is higher or lower is entirely up to you however...!

Funny Proposal in Elmo Costume

1.44K Views0 Comments

A man took on the character of Elmo to propose to his girlfriend, right in the middle of Rockefeller Center. The couple succeeded in snatching away the attention from the Christmas tree, as everyone was rooting on thi...

The First Marriage Proposal Through Twitter

212 Views0 Comments

Twitter user "garazi" became the first man to propose marriage through Twitter. His girlfriend, "steffsull", accepted the proposal... through a tweet, of course!

Stand-Up Comedy Proposal

162 Views0 Comments

A stand up comedian certainly knows a way to a woman's heart, and that is through laughter. Performance gets twisted as the guy turns his comic routine into a romantic, yet funny marriage proposal.

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