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Rejected in the Living Room

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Maybe this dude deserves what happened to him. He looks confused and doesn’t put much effort into his proposal. The couple is hanging in the living room and he asks her if they can watch a movie together. What kind of...

Cole’s Marriage Proposal Fail

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Whether this video is fake or not is up for debate, but one thing's for sure - it is funny! Cole didn't exactly get the response (or even attention) that he was looking for when proposing to Angie...

Rachel’s On-Stage Rejection

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When Rachel gets proposed to on-stage in front of a gathering of hundreds of people, she doesn't seem as enthused as her boyfriend was hoping for...

Not a Very Merry Christmas

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When this courageous young man mustered up the courage to propose to his girlfriend Erica in front of her entire family, he could never have envisioned this very un-festive ending.

Kelli’s Choke-Out Rejection

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This guy just wanted Kelli to love him forever, but I guess you could say that feeling wasn't mutual. A simple no would have sufficed, but I suppose that a choke-out gets the message across a little clearer, right?

Footy Show Proposal Rejection

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On this special edition episode of the NRL Footy Show in Brisbane, a man proposes to his girlfriend of three years in front of a crowd of thousands, in addition to millions of TV viewers. The look of sheer panic on th...

Failed Food Court Proposal

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This poor guy figured it would be romantic to propose to his girlfriend of one year in the exact location where they first met, in front of the Cinnabon at their local Westfield mall. He created quite the public scene...

Late Night TV Proposal Gone Wrong

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This late-night television proposal didn't go over as smoothly as the hopeful groom had thought, as you can tell by the reaction on his girlfriend's face. Even the normally humorous host was at a loss for words...

UCLA Meltdown

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The "Kiss Cam" has been a spectacle that many fans look forward to when attending sporting events. Unfortunately for this guy, the "Kiss Cam" turned into a nightmare and an event that he will never forget, when his im...

Houston… We Have a Problem

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This courageous guy decided to propose to his lady at a Houston Rockets game in front of thousands of fans, unaware that she wasn't ready to take the next step with him. Everyone in the building, from the announcers, ...

Proposal Isn’t Enough to Repair The Damage

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This young man is obviously doing everything that he can to win back a woman that he's hurt. Unfortunately, not even a marriage proposal and a ring are enough to get him back what he's seemingly lost for good...

Jesus Jam Proposal Fail

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Jerome had been dating his girlfriend Marsha for close to a year and a half when he chose to propose to her at a Jesus Jam church event, similar to the one that they first met at. He dropped to one knee to ask the big...

Two Weeks is Enough for This Young Lady

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While it's customary for a man to ask for a woman's hand in marriage, this young lady decided to take matters into her own hands... after only two weeks of dating her boyfriend! Her reaction to his understandable reje...

7th Inning Stretch is a Long One for David

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When David elected to propose to girlfriend Jessica, he could never have foreseen the way that this one would turn out. Even the interviewer was taken aback.

Forceful Rejection in Mumbai Mall

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There's some speculation that this video was staged by the Cadbury Chocolate Company to promote their new bittersweet chocolate ("not so sweet" can be seen on that goofy train that passes right in the middle of this m...

Let’s Pretend He’s Not Proposing… on National Television!

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The young man professing his love in this video is either a little buzzed, or just high on life. Either way, he mustered up the courage to propose to his girlfriend on national TV. Only one problem... She either prete...