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Flash Mob Proposal in Osaka, Japan

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Love truly transcends all races, religions and geographical locations. In this video, our lovebirds from Japan had been in a long-distance relationship before choosing to spend the rest of their lives together. The ro...

Antique Auto Museum Proposal

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This lady went to an Antique Auto Museum with absolutely no idea that her boyfriend was planning to propose to her. A flash mob gathered at the dais and danced for several minutes before her boyfriend called her on st...

Romantic Helicopter Proposal

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This marriage proposal is a true manifestation of how team work can result in unforgettable moments. It took about two months to plan this romantic marriage proposal. Aaron took his girlfriend, Monica, for a Helicopte...

Sylvain’s Flash Mob Proposal to Natalie

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Sylvain proposed to his girlfriend, Natalie with a flash mob at the Place Jacques-Cartier in Montreal, Canada on July 31, 2012. After a highly impressive dance routine display, Sylvain completes the magical moment by ...

Justin’s Restaurant Proposal to Madison

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Madison entered the restaurant clueless of her boyfriend Justin's intentions. After ordering a round of drinks, Justin reveals his romantic intentions as he proposes to her right then and there. One final surprise was...

Malay Helicopter Proposal

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“Chloe, Will You Marry Me?”. Those were the words that the Chloe in question read just after alighting from a helicopter that her boyfriend, Jianwei, had hired to fly them across Kuala Lumpur. Just after stepping out ...

Happiest of Birthdays in a Lagos Shopping Mall

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Aderonmu gave her boyfriend, Okeowo, the best birthday gift he could ask for by accepting his proposal on his birthday at the Bheerhugz Ikeja Shopping Mall in Lagos, Nigeria.

Andy Proposes to Tiffany in San Francisco’s Union Square

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Andy proposed to his girlfriend Tiffany with a flash mob while ice skating at the Union Square in San Francisco, California. Just as the flash mob winds up dancing, he goes down on one knee and proclaims his love for ...

Justin Baldoni’s Heartwarming Proposal at Blu Jam Cafe

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Justin Baldoni, a young actor and director from LA, went above and beyond to put together an utterly incredible proposal for his longtime girlfriend, Emily. To begin with, he instructed her to meet him at Blu Jam Cafe...

Dave’s Valentine’s Day Proposal to Collette on KTLA-TV Live

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Valentine's Day in 2013 was sweeter than ever for one couple, as Day 3 of Robbins Brothers and KTLA-TV's Love Week brought a special moment live into living rooms across Los Angeles. A Torrance customer, Dave Eguilos,...

Valentine’s Day Proposal Live on HLN

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Rosaly Aponte thought that she was appearing on HLN to salute the troops, but her Air Force boyfriend David had far bigger plans in mind.

Happy Day at The Hospital

418 Views0 Comments

This is the video of a US Marine named Calvin who flew from Georgia to Michigan to surprise his girlfriend, a nurse, with flowers... and a proposal. The whole hospital staff is overcome with joy!

The Blair Surprise Project

366 Views0 Comments

On Valentine's Day in 2011, one man decided to surprise his girlfriend, Blair, at her office at Ohio State, by first having her serenaded to the tune of her favorite Beatles song, and then by showing up unexpectedly t...

Suspended Memories

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This video is the story of a man who blindfolded his girlfriend and brought her into a room containing photos of them suspended from the ceiling. When he finally lifted the blindfold, she was overcome with joy at the ...

Might Be a Little Young…

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Although this young man is not proposing marriage, you've got to give him major points for style, courage and even ring selection! Just too cute...

School Teacher Gets Surprised on Valentine’s Day

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An unsuspecting Green Bay area school teacher at Christa Mcauliffe Elementary School gets a surprise marriage proposal from her boyfriend on their three-year anniversary, which also happens to be Valentine's Day.

Johnny’s Engagement Extravaganza

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Johnny went all out to document the entire proposal process to his girlfriend Keshia, and it makes for exceptionally entertaining video. The unsuspecting bride-to-be had no idea that Johnny was even in town, let alone...

Sean’s Serenade and Proposal

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When Sean turned the camera onto Keshia for his Valentine's Day gift presentation, she had no clue what was up. He had given her a mini-golf gift certificate, which was enough for this appreciative young lady, but he ...

Casey’s Christmas Lights Proposal to Katie

284 Views0 Comments

On Christmas eve in 2011, Casey managed to have his girlfriend Katie give herself a gift... by sneakily getting her to film her own marriage proposal!

Miki’s Proposal

226 Views0 Comments

This genuinely touching video shows that you don't need to be over the top crazy to convey a message of true love. When this guy decided to propose to Miki just prior to Christmas in 2009, he delivered a heartfelt, mo...

Indoor Snow for a Holiday-Themed Proposal

246 Views0 Comments

Kelsey and her boyfriend are high school sweethearts who had been dating for ten years. At Christmas-time in 2011, he finally decided to propose. After ten long years though, he couldn't just ask her any old way thoug...

Joel and Nicole’s Moment on the Beach

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Nicole thought that she was taking a photo in front of the ocean with her boyfriend Joel, but he obviously had other ideas...

Paul’s Proposal to Lauren

210 Views0 Comments

On Christmas eve 2010, Paul Lindquist proposed to Lauren Jenkins by creating a fake front page of a newspaper announcing their engagement. He had the article framed and wrapped in order for Lauren to open it as a Chri...

Justin’s Surprise for Madison

240 Views0 Comments

In order to pull off a magical proposal, Justin conspired with his girlfriend Madison's brother, who was secretly filming while both of their families were hiding inside the restaurant, waiting in anticipation. After ...

Live Proposal on The Morning Blend

219 Views0 Comments

AC Zuckerman Jewelers was giving away a beautiful heart-shaped diamond necklace that Jason Poole tried to win for his girlfriend. While he didn't win the necklace, the jewelry company was so moved by his efforts that ...

John’s Times Square Billboard Proposal to Stef

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John knew that he wanted to give Stef a proposal that she could never forget. So when he managed to get his special message on the MTV Billboard in Times Square, he knew that he had hit a home run. Shortly after the m...

Bill’s Trevi Fountain Proposal

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When Bill took a trip to Rome, Italy with his girlfriend and her family, he knew that the Trevi Fountain would make the perfect site for his grand proposal. So in front of a gathering of hundreds of people, he asked h...

Tyson’s Dockside Romance

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Tyson Spiess knew that he wanted to touch his girlfriend Michelle Francis' heart when he proposed to her. When he brought her blindfolded out onto a dock in the middle of the lake in Oregon, in front of family and fri...

So You Think You Can Propose?

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This was a dramatic scene on the finale of season three of So You Think You Can Dance Canada. Edgar partnered with Claudia, costumed in a sequined and feathered outfit, and their hips moved at lightning speed. After ...

Jordan’s Mountain-Top Proposal to Kelli

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Jordan took Kelli, along with a group of their close friends to the top of a Mountain in Kentucky. When she got to the top, there was a path of rose pedals leading to the edge of the cliff. Thinking someone else had g...

Pilot Proposes Mid-Flight

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When a commercial pilot announces that he must enter the cabin, you know something serious is going on. In this case, the pilot needed to get something off his chest... and out of his pocket.

Vegas Flight Proposal

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During a flight to Vegas in 2009, the captain came on and made his usual announcement; speed, weather, local time, etc... but then mentioned that the plane had a special guest on board. The captain then asked one luck...

Dic’s Surprise Proposal to Pauline

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Dic, a professional photographer, had been planning for several months to propose to his girlfriend Pauline. To accomplish this, he set up a magical evening at Buffalo Kitchens restaurant, including a live serenade to...

Card Trick Proposal

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For a guy who often performs card tricks and close-up magic for friends and family, what better way to propose than with a card trick? When he convinced his girlfriend Michelle that he needed to film a card trick to s...

Andre’s Proposal to Kimberly

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Andre gave Kimberly a series of cards, with the first one reading "Today is the day our lives would change and to follow each card to each step of the way, also don't be afraid there will be a videographer and photogr...

FDNY Firefighter’s Epic Rescue

331 Views0 Comments

When Giuliana Guillen needed rescuing, her FDNY Firefighter boyfriend was first on the scene. Little did she know that she'd be getting more than she bargained for!

This is a Real Fire!

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Although the school might have only been conducting a fire drill, Cindy's heart was definitely filled with flames when she realized that Mike had set this up to surprise her with a marriage proposal.

This Firefighter Heats Up The Room

347 Views0 Comments

When Sara had her boyfriend come in to teach fire safety measures to her class at Blackburn Elementary, she had no clue that she would need someone to put out the fire in her heart...

Steve Surprises Melodie in the Classroom

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Melodie thought she was helping Steve with a student teaching lesson for a college course. Little did she know that Steve had planned to surprise her with a marriage proposal while teaching in the very classroom where...

Chris’ Sneak Preview for Laura

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When Laura agreed to see a movie with her friend Terri, she had no clue that Chris was planning on surprising her in the theater with not only a hilarious, thoughtful and creative trailer of their story, but also a ma...

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