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Romantic Photo Shoot Proposal on a Staircase

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For the photo shoot, the groom-to-be was dressed in a white suit and a maroon shirt, while the lucky lady was clad in a white dress and red heels. The musical instruments being played in the background set the scene f...

Flash Mob Proposal in Osaka, Japan

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Love truly transcends all races, religions and geographical locations. In this video, our lovebirds from Japan had been in a long-distance relationship before choosing to spend the rest of their lives together. The ro...

Romantic Helicopter Proposal

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This marriage proposal is a true manifestation of how team work can result in unforgettable moments. It took about two months to plan this romantic marriage proposal. Aaron took his girlfriend, Monica, for a Helicopte...

Proposal at The Summit of Mount Kilimanjaro

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This guy proposed to his girlfriend in October 2012 at the top of the highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro. It took the couple, along with a group of other tourists, seven days to climb to the summit of this ...

Hindu Mall Flash Mob Proposal

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This lady got the surprise of her lifetime when her boyfriend proposed to her with a flash mob at the Oberon Mall in the Indian City of Kochi. The joy and energy is palpable as he takes a knee and pops the question in...

Matthew’s Skurfing Proposal to Brynn

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Brynn took a plunge in the ocean with her boyfriend, Matthew, clueless that this wouldn't be her biggest plunge of the day! She happily agreed to marry him after he proposes mid-skurf, and right after agreeing, the co...

Sylvain’s Flash Mob Proposal to Natalie

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Sylvain proposed to his girlfriend, Natalie with a flash mob at the Place Jacques-Cartier in Montreal, Canada on July 31, 2012. After a highly impressive dance routine display, Sylvain completes the magical moment by ...

Andy Proposes to Tiffany in San Francisco’s Union Square

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Andy proposed to his girlfriend Tiffany with a flash mob while ice skating at the Union Square in San Francisco, California. Just as the flash mob winds up dancing, he goes down on one knee and proclaims his love for ...

Ace is Your Proposal Place

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This bride-to-be thought she was shooting a commercial for her department of Ace Hardware. Instead she was surprised by a proposal from her boyfriend, performed by his friends and family. The couple had originally met...

Dave’s Valentine’s Day Proposal to Collette on KTLA-TV Live

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Valentine's Day in 2013 was sweeter than ever for one couple, as Day 3 of Robbins Brothers and KTLA-TV's Love Week brought a special moment live into living rooms across Los Angeles. A Torrance customer, Dave Eguilos,...

Tanner’s Surprise Proposal

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As Valentine's Day 2013 approached, Tanner wanted to give his girlfriend an unforgettable gift. Safe to say that this Anchorage, Alaska native accomplished just that...

Dana Wins The Ugliest Christmas Sweater

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When Jonathan Graham proposed to Dana Johnson at their annual Christmas party, everyone in the room had a hand in the moment. They all fooled Dana into believing that she had won the ugliest Christmas sweater of the p...

Erica’s Disneyland Surprise Show

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When Erica and her boyfriend went to Disneyland on their one-year anniversary, she had absolutely no clue that not only was she going to be proposed to, but also the focus of a park-stopping spectacle.

San Diego Airport Flash Mob Proposal

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Ben surprised his girlfriend with this little production at the San Diego Airport (Terminal 1). She was arriving from an epic Vegas bachelorette weekend and was traveling with a group of friends. Unfortunately half of...

Holt Brings Disney World to Ashley

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When Holt realized that it was too late to propose in Disney World to his girlfriend Ashley, he decided to bring the wonderful world of Disney to her. Their closest friends and family gathered to dress up and celebrat...

Operation Julie Marry Me

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SWAT Team member Jason decided to propose to his girlfriend Julie the only way that he knows how - by surprise operation, and with the help of a strong team. This video shows the steps that Jason took to win Julie's h...

Darrin’s Incredible Family and Friends Video Compilation

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Darrin reached out to every important member of Melissa's life to take part in his incredible proposal video idea. He had each person speak one or two lines of the overall proposal message that he wanted to convey, an...

Miners Baseball Proposal

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This is a clip of the first proposal at the new Rent One Park in southern Illinois, home of the Southern Illinois Miners. Jason and Meghann are big fans of the team, and will be tied to the stadium and club forever, a...

Mike’s Triple Surprise

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After an uneventful birthday dinner, Mike lured Nicole back to his buddy's house, where an ensemble cast of family and friends waited eagerly to surprise her on her 28th birthday. Little did she, or any of the guests ...

Proposal Overlooking The Golden Gate Bridge

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This is a video that Jeremy made the day that he asked Kelsey to marry him. He wanted to get her on top of a hill overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco without her knowing that he was there, so he got he...

Operation I-10 Proposal

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On February 26th, 2010, Keleigh received a shocking surprise during a drive from Phoenix, Arizona to Los Angeles, California that signified the end of her nine months of long distance romance with her boyfriend. Littl...

UCLA Flash Mob Proposal

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Trang and Nam first met on the campus of UCLA, which made it the natural choice of venue for a surprise flash mob marriage proposal!

Flash Mob Highline Proposal

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Converging (from separate locations) on one meeting point, the families of Dodd and Alix united to form a heart, using umbrellas. At this point, Dodd took out the ring to propose to Alix. Well thought-out and masterfu...

Isaac’s Surprise Lip Dub Proposal

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On Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012, Isaac had his girlfriend come to his folks' home for dinner. When she arrived he had his brother sit her in the back of a car and provide her with headphones. He told her that he'd be pla...

Scavenger Hunt Proposal

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John proposed to Megan through a scavenger hunt, which began at a photo shoot and ended in Megan's very own backyard. John enlisted the help of friends and family members to hand her clues until she reached the final ...

Jeremy Produces A Movie Preview That Jessica Will Never Forget

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Jessica just wanted to watch The Hobbit, but Jeremy had other plans in mind...

Surprise Proposal During Cooking Class

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Nick enlists Chef Evelyn and her team to set his girlfriend Jennifer up for a cooking class that she'll never forget.

Orlando Magic Halftime Flash Mob Marriage Proposal

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Miguel proposes to his girlfriend Stephanie at halftime of an Orlando Magic game, with the help of a surprise flash mob.

A Picture Is Worth Four Words

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A man and woman document their six-year relationship through photos and letters (to prove that if one day they got married, ''they always knew''). On an otherwise unsuspecting photo shoot, the happy couple holds up a ...

Will U Marry Me? :)

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This guy surprise proposes to his girlfriend with the help of a friend and a text message.

Lucky Lady Gets Proposed To AND Married – Mobbed with Howie Mandel

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Combining both the marriage proposal and wedding ceremony in one, this Howie Mandel Mobbed episode is definitely true to its name. A massive flash mob guides the bride-to-be on to her wedding destination (Americana Ma...

Team Effort Marriage Proposal – Love and Basketball…

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All bets are off when a high school basketball coach prepares a flash mob to the song “I Think I Wanna Marry You”, and has his team hand his girlfriend roses before hitting her with the surprise marriage proposal.

Impromptu Flash Mob Marriage Proposal in Bryant Park!

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How would you like your marriage proposal to consist of a surprise flash mob and marching band in Bryant Park?

Surprise Wedding Proposal in Madison Square Park

212 Views0 Comments

This incredibly orchestrated wedding proposal was caught live in Madison Square Park, in the heart of New York City. After the surprise production number in the park for this girl, the happy couple rode off in a horse...

Disneyland Musical Marriage Proposal

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A magical moment happens on Main Street, U.S.A. when a young man proposes to his girlfriend on a Summer evening in Disneyland.

Pokemon Prom Proposal

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While this may not be a marriage proposal, this kid deserves some recognition for the courage displayed in this gutsy prom request.

Biker Breaks The Law For Love

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Hector “Tank” Martinez, backed by 300 of his biker brethren, caused traffic on one of Los Angeles’ busiest highways to grind to a halt, just so he could propose to his long-term girlfriend. All completely illegal, of ...

Mass Singalong In Piccadilly Circus

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In March 2012, Roger Taylor surprised his girlfriend Jeanie Jagpal during a night out in London. As they strolled through Piccadilly Circus, a professional 100-strong choir launched into ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’ b...

“Abacus” Fancy – Proposal Video With Fake Boy Band!

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An Australian man found the right time to pop the question when his American girlfriend spent Christmas down under with his family. He knew that she loved boy bands as a little girl, so what better way to propose than...

“When Fate Decides” Movie Trailer Proposal

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When you know your girlfriend loves movie trailers, there’s only one way to propose: make one, and get it to show when she’s at the cinema. Even a tornado makes a guest appearance. Unreal creativity here...

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