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Malayali Shrek Proposal

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In this video the Malayan dude proposed to his girlfriend, Tina, while dressed in a Shrek costume. He took to one knee on a busy London street and popped the question through memes. She happily agreed to marry him. Fu...

Biltmore Lawn Proposal

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This guy took several random photos with his girlfriend on the lawn of the Biltmore in Asheville, North Carolina, so as not to spill the beans that he was about to propose. Eventually however, he took a knee and propo...

Sylvain’s Flash Mob Proposal to Natalie

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Sylvain proposed to his girlfriend, Natalie with a flash mob at the Place Jacques-Cartier in Montreal, Canada on July 31, 2012. After a highly impressive dance routine display, Sylvain completes the magical moment by ...

America’s Got… Proposal!

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After stunning the audience of ‘America's got Talent’ with his sensational opera voice, Travis Pratt reserves the biggest surprise for his girlfriend when he proposes to her at the end of his performance. Must-see stu...

New York City Ferry Flash Mob Proposal

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This dude made his girlfriend, Nicole, the happiest girl in the world on June 30, 2012. He arranged for her parents to fly all the way from California to witness his proposal at the New York Ferry entrance. He takes p...

Happiest of Birthdays in a Lagos Shopping Mall

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Aderonmu gave her boyfriend, Okeowo, the best birthday gift he could ask for by accepting his proposal on his birthday at the Bheerhugz Ikeja Shopping Mall in Lagos, Nigeria.

Justin Baldoni’s Heartwarming Proposal at Blu Jam Cafe

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Justin Baldoni, a young actor and director from LA, went above and beyond to put together an utterly incredible proposal for his longtime girlfriend, Emily. To begin with, he instructed her to meet him at Blu Jam Cafe...

Ace is Your Proposal Place

413 Views0 Comments

This bride-to-be thought she was shooting a commercial for her department of Ace Hardware. Instead she was surprised by a proposal from her boyfriend, performed by his friends and family. The couple had originally met...

Valentine’s Day Proposal Live on HLN

471 Views0 Comments

Rosaly Aponte thought that she was appearing on HLN to salute the troops, but her Air Force boyfriend David had far bigger plans in mind.

Reunited and it Feels So Good

322 Views0 Comments

William Collins surpriseD his girlfriend Beth Ryan with a public proposal on Valentine's Day. The two were reunited about six months prior to this proposal, after spending nearly thirty-five years apart! They had met ...

Happy Day at The Hospital

418 Views0 Comments

This is the video of a US Marine named Calvin who flew from Georgia to Michigan to surprise his girlfriend, a nurse, with flowers... and a proposal. The whole hospital staff is overcome with joy!

The Blair Surprise Project

366 Views0 Comments

On Valentine's Day in 2011, one man decided to surprise his girlfriend, Blair, at her office at Ohio State, by first having her serenaded to the tune of her favorite Beatles song, and then by showing up unexpectedly t...

Suspended Memories

290 Views0 Comments

This video is the story of a man who blindfolded his girlfriend and brought her into a room containing photos of them suspended from the ceiling. When he finally lifted the blindfold, she was overcome with joy at the ...

Tanner’s Surprise Proposal

319 Views0 Comments

As Valentine's Day 2013 approached, Tanner wanted to give his girlfriend an unforgettable gift. Safe to say that this Anchorage, Alaska native accomplished just that...

Might Be a Little Young…

318 Views0 Comments

Although this young man is not proposing marriage, you've got to give him major points for style, courage and even ring selection! Just too cute...

Surprise Valentine’s Day Proposal on The Ellen Show

1.01K Views0 Comments

Ellen helped a viewer, Wendell, plan the perfect surprise proposal on the show. His girlfriend, Nina, will never forget this romantic Valentine's Day!

Johnny’s Engagement Extravaganza

242 Views0 Comments

Johnny went all out to document the entire proposal process to his girlfriend Keshia, and it makes for exceptionally entertaining video. The unsuspecting bride-to-be had no idea that Johnny was even in town, let alone...

Santa Visits Kindergarten

231 Views0 Comments

When Santa visited Caroline's class of kindergarten students, she was completely clueless that the man inside the costume was her boyfriend Dave, and that he had a very special gift just for her...

Stefanie’s Christmas Pickle

228 Views0 Comments

As part of a family tradition, Jonny hid a special gift in his girlfriend Stefanie's family Christmas tree in 2009. As the legend goes, "The Christmas Pickle" is to be the last ornament hung on the tree on Christmas E...

Nathan’s Christmas Proposal to Shaundra

224 Views0 Comments

While this video has no sound, I think you'll agree that the lack of audio only serves to accentuate the sheer joy shared by Nathan and Shaundra when he proposed to her on Christmas in 2010.

Emmi’s Merry Christmas

223 Views0 Comments

The peanut gallery adds some humor to this clip of Emmi getting engaged on Christmas day in 2011.

Marco’s Gift to Danielle

217 Views0 Comments

Marco and Danielle had dated for seven long years, so there's no doubt that he needed to come up with something a little more creative than the norm. On Christmas morning in 2012, Marco presented Danielle with a touch...

Casey’s Christmas Lights Proposal to Katie

284 Views0 Comments

On Christmas eve in 2011, Casey managed to have his girlfriend Katie give herself a gift... by sneakily getting her to film her own marriage proposal!

Michelle is Feeling Wonderful Tonight

211 Views0 Comments

On new year's eve 2010, Michael surprised his girlfriend Michelle by quietly and touchingly popping the question, as 'Wonderful Tonight' was performed in the background by a member of her family!

Miki’s Proposal

226 Views0 Comments

This genuinely touching video shows that you don't need to be over the top crazy to convey a message of true love. When this guy decided to propose to Miki just prior to Christmas in 2009, he delivered a heartfelt, mo...

Melissa’s Special Christmas

216 Views0 Comments

Oliver wanted to give Melissa a Christmas that she would never forget, and her holiday at Big Bear Lake, California in 2011 was exactly that. He first surprised her with a video documenting their relationship together...

Janele’s Very Merry Christmas

266 Views0 Comments

During Janele's family's annual Christmas game in 2010, the group rigged things so that the unsuspecting bride-to-be would be out of the room long enough for Timothy to assume the position on one knee. When Janele cam...

Jay’s Proposal to Laura

282 Views0 Comments

Jay drove all the way up from Florida to South Carolina to propose to Laura on Christmas Day in 2011, at her grandparents' house. When he showed up and popped the question, she was completely surprised and delivered a...

Seashells Filled with Love

285 Views0 Comments

When this lady kept picking at the seashells that her boyfriend had collected for her, she eventually came across one that contained a little something special...

Joyous Christmas Proposal

305 Views0 Comments

This simple proposal on Christmas in 2010 is nothing to write home about, but the bride-to-be's reaction (and voice) really make up for the lack of entertaining creativity.

Ryan’s School Assembly Interruption

258 Views0 Comments

Ryan and Anne grew up three-and-a-half hours away from each other. Went to college an hour away. Both moved to Lincoln and lived across the street from each other. And teach in the same school. But they were never as ...

Justin’s Surprise for Madison

240 Views0 Comments

In order to pull off a magical proposal, Justin conspired with his girlfriend Madison's brother, who was secretly filming while both of their families were hiding inside the restaurant, waiting in anticipation. After ...

Jared Surprises Bri

251 Views0 Comments

When Jared met most of Bri's family for the first time, he had everyone in on convincing Bri that it was just a simple get-together. Little did Bri know that Jared had much bigger plans in mind.

Dr. Andrews – The Surprise Proposal

257 Views0 Comments

Andrew suprised Allie at her nursing clinicals with help from the staff staging a symposium "on the heart" with Dr. Andrews.

UW-Madison Marching Band Proposal

231 Views0 Comments

A trumpet player, Eric Meunier, finally proposed to his girlfriend of seven years, Ashley Chalmer, at the famed University of Wisconsin-Madison Varsity Band Concert in the Kohl Center, in front of thousands of people....

Bill’s Trevi Fountain Proposal

246 Views0 Comments

When Bill took a trip to Rome, Italy with his girlfriend and her family, he knew that the Trevi Fountain would make the perfect site for his grand proposal. So in front of a gathering of hundreds of people, he asked h...

Tyson’s Dockside Romance

278 Views0 Comments

Tyson Spiess knew that he wanted to touch his girlfriend Michelle Francis' heart when he proposed to her. When he brought her blindfolded out onto a dock in the middle of the lake in Oregon, in front of family and fri...

So You Think You Can Propose?

241 Views0 Comments

This was a dramatic scene on the finale of season three of So You Think You Can Dance Canada. Edgar partnered with Claudia, costumed in a sequined and feathered outfit, and their hips moved at lightning speed. After ...

Kevin’s Proxy Poetry for Britney

283 Views0 Comments

After dating for five years, Kevin knew that he had to do something spectacular to pop the question. When he learned that Britney was directing a musical for 3-7 year olds, he decided that it would make for the perfec...

Ben’s Surprise Airport Proposal in Toronto

288 Views0 Comments

Ben and Alison have been in a long distance relationship for a long time, and had done a lot of flying back and forth. It often felt like they were living in an airport, so why run away from home rather than embrace i...

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