Finding the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with may have been the greatest feat you have ever achieved. Now, you must find a creative way to propose that will demonstrate the significance she holds in your heart. When planning your proposal, one of the first things you will need to do is choose a location that will serve as the backdrop for your romantic request. Here is how to find a location that makes the right statement along with a few ideas that will get you started on making your plans.


Does the Location Cast a Romantic Stage?
When choosing a proposal location, the first thing you will need to do is identify a place that is romantic and meaningful to your relationship. Think back to the beginning of your relationship. Was there a special place you visited on your first date? If your first meeting was in a busy subway station, then it might not offer the most scenic view for your proposal. Ideally, the location you choose should set the scene for a romantic moment while offering enough privacy to generate a feeling of intimacy.
Will the Location Require Additional Set-Up?
Natural environments are an easy way to set the scene, and they can be especially effective if you are proposing during the right season. For example, a proposal in a botanical garden can be very romantic if it is planned for when the flowers will be blooming. If you prefer an indoor location, then make sure it matches the theme of your plan such as a theatre for an on-screen proposal. Public locations may also require you to give the management a heads-up so they can make your proposal a special event. By finding a place that holds special meaning in your relationship, you will be able to tie it into your proposal plans.
Does the Location Make an Impression?
Although it may be tempting to blurt out a proposal during a backyard barbecue with her family, most women prefer for their proposal to take place in a location that is unique and chosen with them in mind. Try to avoid the typical locations that you ordinarily visit and go the extra mile to make the occasion stand out in her memory. If she has always talked about visiting a special location or often recalls a treasured place from a childhood memory, then proposing in one of these places can show her you care about what matters to her most.
Are Additional Arrangements Required?
Although you may have the perfect location in mind, it will do you little good if you cannot find a way to get her there while keeping the proposal a surprise. A proposal made in your hometown may offer a simple way to get her to the location because you can take her there under the guise of a normal romantic date. However, international travel or a trip to a place you would not normally visit may require some creative thinking. If you are already living with your girlfriend, then you may also need to plan for a way to make transportation and other reservations without her finding out. While the effort will definitely pay off once you make your proposal, it is important to consider the extra precautions you may need to take for a specific location you have in mind.
Will the Location Fit into the Proposal Plans?
The final factor to consider when choosing your location is whether or not it will fit into the proposal you have planned. While a trip to the amusement park may always make your girlfriend smile, it will not create the desired effect if you are striving for a formal proposal in black-tie. If possible, visit your preferred location ahead of time and rehearse your proposal in your mind so you can have an idea of how it will play out in the actual place. If your proposal seems stiff or out-of-place, then you may need to reconsider and find a location that fits better with your theme.