Once you have generated a general idea of the setting that you prefer for your proposal, you will be ready to begin narrowing down your options to a specific location. Here are some of the most romantic locations from which you can choose that each provide the perfect setting to personalize your proposal so it represents the unique qualities of your relationship.


Recreate Your First Date
A nostalgic proposal is a great way to add a personal touch that will always be remembered. Take her back to the site of your first date and revive the emotions you felt on that day. If your first date was in a public venue, such as a restaurant or theatre, then let the staff in on your plans. Many venues will get excited about your proposal and can offer special services to make sure your proposal is a special event. This can be especially important if you are striving for a surprise proposal at the end of the date.
Say It in the Sky
A proposal from the sky can make it clear that you are willing to go above and beyond your girlfriend’s wildest dreams. One way to do this is to take your girlfriend for a walk in a natural environment. Then, arrange to have a skywriter fly over and write your proposal in the clouds. Adventurous couples can go for a skydiving trip together where you can take advantage of the adrenaline and propose at the end of your jump. Hot air balloon rides, piloting lessons and helicopter tours are a few more ways to take your proposal to new heights.
Kneel Down on the Beach
A beachside proposal is one of the most preferred among women, and kneeling down by the ocean can easily be tailored to fit your relationship. If you are both avid beachgoers, then you may already have a special place that you often go when you want to be alone. If you do not live near the beach, then this could be the perfect occasion to enjoy a surprise romantic getaway that culminates in a proposal at sunset. Whether you visit a tropical beach or one near your hometown, this is one location that offers a setting that requires no special effects to bring out its natural charm.
Proclaim Your Love On a Mountaintop
If you feel like shouting your love from the rooftops, then take it one step further and head to the top of the mountain. This location is ideal for couples who enjoy active dates such as hiking and camping. Plan a special adventure for the two of you on a mountaintop. Then, once you reach the summit, celebrate with a picnic and pop that one very important question. If you two are not avid climbers, then you can enjoy a scenic drive to the top where you can make your proposal as she takes in the view.
Surprise Her at a Historical Attraction
Many of the best proposals take place in a location where a woman would never expect to be asked to get married. Historical and cultural attractions make it clear that you are ready to create history together as husband and wife. This type of location can also be chosen to stay within your budget and time frame. For example, a visit to your local art museum may be the perfect place to propose to a woman who values creativity while a mid-day proposal in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa may be a picture perfect surprise for a woman who loves to travel.
Propose in a Beautiful Park
Parks are a proposal location that require very little preparation beforehand, and offer the opportunity to ask for your girlfriend’s hand in a natural setting. If you prefer to keep your proposal local, the city park is likely to have a picturesque area that is perfect for a romantic walk or picnic. Camping in a natural reserve is another way to add an element of nature to your proposal. Another advantage of a park proposal is that you can revisit the scene on anniversaries and other romantic dates to keep the memory alive.
Plan an Aquatic Adventure
A day spent on the water can generate a relaxing environment for your proposal. Consider taking your girlfriend on a cruise that will get you both in the mood for romance before you ask for her hand in marriage. Alternatively, a gondola ride could be an easy way to get your girlfriend on the water long enough to make a proposal with the moonlight setting the scene.
Say It on the Screen
If you want to make sure your message is heard loud and clear, then consider a proposal location that will enable you to post your message on a screen large enough for everyone to see. Sports-minded women will love a surprise proposal at their favorite team game that turns up on the Jumbotron. If you speak with theater staff beforehand, you can also record a proposal to have played just before or after your favorite movie. Those who are into electronics may also enjoy having a special website devoted entirely to a proposal. Once you have set up the website, simply take her on an Internet scavenger hunt until she arrives at a page designed just for her surprise.
Treat Her to an Exotic Locale
Destination proposals can involve international trips or a visit to a nearby state with a different climate. While this type of location will require pre-planning and maybe even a tiny fib to keep it a surprise, your girlfriend will be astounded at the lengths you have gone to when planning a proposal that will always be remembered. From Paris to Hawaii to Rome, there are many romantic locales that will offer an amazing trip that will be enhanced by your proposal.

The right location for your proposal should be tailored to fit your girlfriend’s interests and personality while offering a scenic view that will be remembered for a lifetime. After selecting your location, spend some time exploring it at different times of the day and double check that it will be perfect on the day you plan to propose. By doing your research and finding the best location to work for your plans, you will be setting the scene for a romantic proposal that will honor the woman you will love and cherish for the rest of your life.