In life, timing is everything. Whether you are striving for that perfect jump shot or getting ready to aim for a promotion, you know that timing is an essential element of your strategy. While at this point, you have likely honed your skills well enough to sense the perfect timing for career and sports events, it can become a little more complicated when it comes to your relationship. If marriage has been on your mind lately, then you may be wondering if now is the right time to make your move, or if she will even say yes to your proposal. Here are the questions you need to ask to determine if you should put your plans on hold or if the timing is right to pick out a ring and propose.


Are You Both Comfortable with One Another’s Flaws?
The first few months of a relationship tend to be full of bliss, and it is easy to be so mesmerized by the romance that you overlook each other’s flaws. If you find yourself thinking, “what flaws?”, then you may need to wait. At some point, the intoxication of fascination will wear off and you will begin to notice that those cute little quirks can be slightly annoying. If you can both acknowledge each other’s flaws and none of them are deal-breakers, then the blinders may be worn away enough for you to realistically consider a marriage proposal.
Are Your Finances Out in the Open?
While little surprises are what make a romance stronger, no one wants to uncover a serious financial malfunction after their wedding day. By now in your relationship you should both have a firm grasp of where the other stands financially. While this does not mean you have to go for the full reveal right away, you should both be on the same page with how you will manage your finances once married. Additionally, you should both be open about general income and debts. It may not be the most romantic discussion, but being open about finances will guarantee a smoother marriage down the road.
Have You Let Go of Your Baggage?
Everyone has a history; however, you want to make sure neither of you has a history that could wreak havoc on your marriage. If either of you is still pining for an old flame, or if you have a history of rebounding with your ex’s, then you need to make sure that all of the baggage has been released. This also applies to any past disagreements that you may have had with each other. The old saying that you should forgive and forget is true. While your past may hold valuable lessons, it is important that both of you can let go of the bad memories so you can work toward creating a beautiful future together.
Do You Share the Same Views of the Future?
There may be some truth to the adage that opposites attract; however, this works best when it is applied to personal characteristics and not to major life goals. Although the two of you may be perfectly happy with the way things are now, it is important to make sure that your plans for the future are aligned. For example, if your dream is to retire and live abroad, then you may not want to marry someone who is afraid to leave home. However, if you two have shared lengthy conversations that include mapping out a perfect future, then you may be ready get married and make that future a reality now. 
Are You Both Happy Right Now?
On the big screen, romantic proposals are often the perfect solution to messy break-ups and offer a fast way to resolve a complicated long-distance relationship. While it may be tempting to win back your girlfriend’s heart with a little black box while getting down on one knee, these types of proposals rarely work out in the long run. At some point, the same issues that caused the break-up will keeping popping back up and can destroy a marriage. Before you propose, make sure you are both happy with the relationship now and that neither of you is grappling with a serious personal issue that could affect your future happiness. This way, you will both be emotionally ready to enter into a healthy and happy marriage. 
Have You Achieved Your Pre-Marriage Goals?
Your girlfriend may have picked out her wedding dress years ago as she planned a picture perfect ceremony; however, most men have several things they plan to accomplish before they tie the knot. Whether you believe you should be at a certain level in your career or your goal is to own a house, you should make sure those milestones have been met. With this in mind, however, it is important to remember that romance does not always follow a defined road map. As long as you are comfortable with where you are personally and know that your partner will support your future goals, then it is quite likely the timing is right. 
Do Your Friends and Family Just Assume?
When you are trying to determine if it is the right time to get married, it is helpful to turn to those who know you best. Over the years, your friends and family have watched as you dated women and experienced the highs and lows of your relationships. In many ways, they probably even know you better than you know yourself. This is why you should take notice if they suddenly just assume that the woman you are with is the one. If they have begun to assume that she will always be at your side at family and social events, and they have begun to ask if you two have set a date, then maybe it is time to make her an official member of your family.
She's Dropping Hints... and You're Liking It.
In the past, stumbling upon a magazine she left open to an advertisement for engagement rings may have made you squirm; however, you may now find yourself perusing the ad with interest to determine just what type of ring she may want. If your girlfriend has been dropping hints, then take that as a good sign the timing is right. Her hints can set your mind at ease that she will say yes so that you can focus on making the perfect proposal. Just the fact that the mention of marriage no longer makes you want to run should be plenty of proof that you are ready to ask your girlfriend to be your wife.

Proposing marriage is a major milestone in your life that should only be done after careful thought and consideration. Although it is important to make sure the timing is right, it is also essential to avoid dropping the ball by waiting too long. After all, if your girlfriend is dropping hints, then you do not want her to think marriage is not on the agenda. If you know that you are ready to enter into marriage with a full understanding of what each of you will bring to the table, then you can get ready to pick out a ring and plan your proposal, because the perfect timing is now.