Once you set your eyes on the woman that you want to call your wife, you will need to craft the perfect proposal to make sure that she says yes. While it’s normal to feel nervous about planning a proposal, it is important to remember that you are the person who knows her best. If she has even the slightest idea that a proposal is a possibility, then she has probably already dropped a few hints. Here is how to decipher those hints and create the perfect proposal she will never forget.


Consider Her Personality
During the time that you have spent with your significant other, you have gained valuable insight into what makes her tick. Use these insights to create a proposal that suits her personality. Is she reserved or shy? If so, then a public proclamation of your love may be too much. In this case, consider setting up an intimate proposal at a place that is perfect for two. However, if she enjoys spending time in large crowds, then go ahead and proclaim your love from the rooftop if you prefer. Once you have narrowed down your options to a public or private setting, you will be ready to begin incorporating the elements that will personalize your proposal.
Focus on Her Favorite Things
A romantic proposal should demonstrate your desire to please your significant other by understanding what brings them joy. Think about a few of your girlfriend’s favorite hobbies and passions. Then, try to incorporate a few of these elements into the proposal. For example, a woman who is an avid gardener will love being proposed to in a natural setting such as a botanical garden. Alternatively, a sports fan will be bowled over by a halftime proposal during her favorite team’s game. Your girlfriend’s interests can also be included in a small way such as sharing a song that you wrote for your favorite musician.
Incorporate a Memory
Making sure that your proposal comes across as heartfelt and sincere is best achieved by incorporating a memory from your relationship. One way to do this is to share an anecdotal story of the moment you knew she was the one at the beginning of your proposal speech. You could also have a video montage of your favorite dating moments play in the background as you make your proposal. If there was a special song that played during your first dance, or your first date was at an unusual place, then recreate the setting. By incorporating a memory, you will remind her of all the things that made you fall in love with each other while hinting at the beautiful memories that are still to come.
Choose the Perfect Setting
The right setting should serve as a backdrop that pulls together the entire proposal. This is where you can be creative, and pull out all the stops. If your girlfriend loves adventure, then take her on a scavenger hunt that ends with your proposal. Destination proposals are another popular option that can be tailored to fit your proposal by choosing the right location. For a nostalgic twist, consider taking her back to the place you first met or set your proposal up in the location of your first date. If you will be proposing in a public location, such as a restaurant or theater, be sure to let the owner know your plans. Many places will be willing to go to extra lengths to help make your proposal picture perfect because everyone loves a love story.
Imagine How She Will Tell the Story
While you may be trying to get your confidence up for the present moment, it is important to consider that she will be telling your story for years to come. As soon as she announces her engagement, everyone will be asking about how you proposed. Think for a minute about how she will tell the story of your proposal. Will she focus on the grand gestures or remember the little details such as how you got down on one knee? Be sure your proposal is one that she will be able to tell over and over again while reliving the most romantic moment in her life.
Create a Diversion
The best proposals are usually surprises. If your girlfriend is the type to pick up on little clues, then you will need to be extra careful with your planning. Consider recruiting a few of her friends or family members to divert her attention while you make your plans. Additionally, you can throw her off track by taking her on a date that seems like a proposal yet comes to a normal end. If you will be taking her on a destination proposal, then come up with a reason why you need to leave town such as a business trip. Once you have proposed, any minor deceptions will be forgiven as she stares at the ring on her hand.
Fine Tune the Details
Once you have sketched out your overall proposal plans, you will need to fine tune the details. Will you hide the ring in a bouquet or will you pop open the box as you kneel down? If you have invited her loved ones, then make sure everyone is in on the plans. Double check your reservations to make sure everything will go according to schedule. Be sure to order flowers and any other tokens of your affection that you will present to her along with the ring. Finally, choose your wardrobe carefully and write out exactly what you will say. While you may end up forgetting the words, it is best to have a plan for how you will begin your proposal.
Have a Backup Plan
Although you may have spent weeks planning the perfect proposal, things can still sometimes go awry. For this reason, it is important to be proactive and have a backup plan in place. If your proposal setting is outdoors, decide what you will do if it rains. Scout out the location and see if you can stand beneath an awning or dash into a romantic hideaway. Even if things do not go exactly as you planned, keep in mind that a proposal is always a romantic gesture, and the little things that go wrong will only add to the story as long as you keep your cool.
Keep the Romance Going
After your girlfriend squeals, cries or jumps up-and-down in agreement, you will want to keep the romance going by planning a celebratory event. This final element of your proposal should be just as personalized as the rest of your plans. If you know she is going to be anxious to start phoning her family and friends with the news, then invite everyone to an after-party at your favorite venue. Alternatively, you can plan a surprise romantic getaway for just the two of you at a location she has always wanted to visit. Whatever you plan, be sure it involves lots of romance and a hint at the honeymoon to come.

When you are ready to propose, making your plans may be all you can think about for the next few weeks. However, all of your hard work will lead up to a story your future wife will share for years with her family and friends. By taking the time to carefully plan a picture perfect proposal that goes beyond anything she could ever imagine, you will be able to start your official life together with a romantic proposal that she will always remember.