Proposing to the woman that you love will be one of the most memorable and romantic gestures that you partake in. While presenting a ring on bended knee will say everything, it is best to have a few words prepared to add a touch of sentiment to the occasion. If you find yourself freezing up at the thought of giving a speech, then try to relax. When a woman finds the man she wants to marry, even the simplest speech will lead to a yes. Here is everything you need to know to make your proposal eloquent and unforgettable.


Tell a Story
The best way to approach planning what to say is to view your speech as telling a story. This will help you avoid sounding too stiff and formal, while making it easier to recover if you forget what you were planning to say. Begin by talking about the beginning of your relationship, and then move on to the reasons why you fell in love. This way, you will have an easy lead-in to asking the big question. When telling your story, feel free to incorporate some humor or share a silly anecdote that can help shake any nervousness you may feel. 
Consider a Quote
If you find yourself blocked for inspiration, try reading a few romantic quotes to find one that might help get you started in the right direction. Your girlfriend’s favorite books or movies may hold a clue to a quote that could help get your speech off to a great start. Even if you do not include the quote in your actual proposal, it can serve as a starting point for the overall message you want to send out. As you read the quotes, jot down any ideas that come to mind so you can use them once you get further into planning what you will say.
Use Your First Meeting as Inspiration
Every love story begins with the first meeting. Think back to the first time you laid eyes on your girlfriend, and find a way to mention your first impression. For example, you can say something along the lines of, “when I first saw you standing outside the stadium, I knew I would do whatever it took to get a seat near you”. If you met under unusual circumstances or had little interest in each other at first, then try to put a positive spin on the situation so that your lead-in begins with how you first noticed her charm. 
Identify the Moment You Fell in Love
After mentioning the first time you met, move on to a statement identifying the moment you first knew she was the one you were meant to marry. Whether she brought you chicken noodle soup when you were sick or you saw her without makeup and realized how truly beautiful she was in her natural state, try and work in this important detail by using a short anecdote about the moment. Then, finish up with a statement such as, “after this moment, I knew you were the one for me”. If delivered right, this line will either trigger happy tears or light her face up with a smile.
Consider Her Influence on Your Life
Although you are undoubtedly captivated by your girlfriend’s beauty and charming personality, she has also had a tremendous influence on your life if you are planning to make her your wife. Think about how your life has changed since she entered your world, and share a sentiment regarding how she has changed you for the better. A simple statement such as, “before I met you I rarely left my apartment, but now, you have taught me the wonders of international travel,” will be eloquent while conveying the power of her influence on your life. When preparing this part of your speech, be sure to keep it heartfelt and sincere. While you do not want to make it seem as though you were a complete loser before she came along, she will appreciate knowing the impact her presence has made on your outlook on life.
Mention Shared Goals and Interests
Every couple has a unique set of interests and goals that they share in their relationship. After you have showered your girlfriend with praise, you can then move on to discussing the things you enjoy doing together. Talk about hobbies, shared interests or an aspiration that you both have for the future. Then, tell her how you cannot imagine doing any of these things alone. This part of your speech should be the beginning of your transition into the proposal. 
Lead Into the Big Question
As you wrap up your speech by tying in all the ways your girlfriend has enhanced your life, you will be ready to lead into the actual proposal. Start by saying something along the lines of, “I cannot imagine my life without you,” as you take her hand and offer the ring. Then look deep into your girlfriend’s eyes and say the question she has been waiting to hear. At this point in your proposal, she has hopefully already been anxiously waiting for her chance to say yes and will nod or exclaim in agreement.
Practice Makes Perfect
Once you have sketched out your proposal, it is important to rehearse it to perfection. If possible, find a friend who is willing to listen as you practice so they can give you an honest assessment of what you plan to say. Try rehearsing in the mirror and notice your body language as you give your speech so you know you come off as sincere. While you may veer from your script during the actual proposal, practicing it until you can speak it verbatim will give you confidence when you are ready to pop the question. 
Things to Remember
Although this is one of the most important events in your life, try not to get caught up in writing the perfect speech. During your proposal, you may flub a line or feel led to go in a different direction. Even if you forget your speech completely, your girlfriend will be touched by anything you can say that is generated by your feelings at the moment. Most women know that speaking from an emotional place can be hard for their men, and they are likely to be too nervous themselves to notice any mistakes. If your mind goes blank, simply tell her that you love her and want to spend the rest of your lives together. Then, ask those four little words she has been waiting to hear.

When it is time to take your relationship to the next level, you will need to prepare a few words to say that will mark this momentous occasion. Throughout your relationship, your girlfriend has earned your respect and admiration, and now is the time to tell her just how much she has influenced your life. Although it may make you nervous, your girlfriend will appreciate the effort you put into coming up with the right sentiments. By taking a short trip down memory lane and hinting at what the future may bring, you will be able to sweep your girlfriend off her feet with your charm and succeed in your proposal of marriage.